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Class Information

Class levels
Bellydance Workshop Khalida Beginners Basics - L1: If you are new to oriental dance or if you'd like to freshen up your basic knowledge and technique this is the class for you!

Beginners II - L2: For students with one/two years of experience, this level is repeated with different themes (veil, zills, rhythms, styles, choreo, etc..) each session.

Intermediate - L3: For students that have taken multiple years of classes. Some more challenging concepts and techniques are introduced in this class.

Advanced - L4: Comparable to L3 classes, but with more emphasis on creating your own dances, background knowledge, techniques, musical interpretation and stage craft.

Masterclass - L4-5: Masterclasses information
For dancers/students that want to keep improving their skills, and/or for students aspiring to dance professionally or train other students we schedule masterclasses on demand. Class content is tailored to the specific needs and/or wishes of the group.

Drills and Conditioning - All levels: This class can be taken separately or combined with any of the 'regular' classes of any level. We do a dancing warmup, bellydance technique drills, specific excercises for belly dance-related muscle groups, stretching and an extensive cooldown.

What to bring?
* Jazz shoes or ballet slippers (optional)
* Comfortable clothing (eg yoga pants, Tshirt/top)
* A hip scarf (loaners available!)
* A set of zills (loaners available!)
* A veil (loaners available!)
* A towel or yoga mat
* Water and your smile :)

Health benefits
Learning this dance form means you'll be dancing with your WHOLE body: Arms and hands, head and ribcage, hips and legs,.. you'll be moving from the top of your head to the edge of your fingertips.

Some of the positive effects of practicing oriental dance regularly can be: Improvement in posture, better balance and improved co÷rdination, strenghtening of core muscles, increased range of movement in and improved blood flow to the abdominal area, legs, back, arms, shoulders, hips and fingers/hands..