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'Khalida just loves to share all her knowledge with fellow dancers and that makes her a world class teacher in my book. I love her cheerful femininity and her excellent technique. She blows my mind every single time.'
Nephele, Belgium

'Khalida is on fire! Smouldering, sizzling and searing all at once, she presents the art of bellydance with integrity, joy and elegance.'
Razia, UK/USA

'Khalida is one of the few oriental dancers who manage to combine natural grace with solid technique and musicality. Her passion is strong, her emotions are real, and her teaching has but one trademark: quality in every detail!'
Maikki, Norway

'Khalida taught me the very first belly dance steps and so much more, she was able to introduce me in the world of oriental dance quickly. She is generous, sharing all her knowledge to her students and that's why she stays interesting, every year again. Over the years, I saw an amazing evolution: she started as a shy teacher but became a star, now teaching workshops all over Europe and the US! She is like a role model to me.'
Hanaa, Belgium

Looking back, I was a baby dancer when I took my first class with Khalida. I had been taking classes for several years and figured I pretty much knew everything there was to know. Boy, was I wrong :-)

Khalida's classes are a fun mixture of dance, technique, conditioning (ouch!), styling and music/cultural background. She was the first teacher who encouraged me to take workshops and study with as much teachers as I possibly can. She introduced me to the local bellydance community I love so much today. I can honestly say I wouldn't be the dancer I am today if it wasn't for her.

Since she moved to Germany, I can't take weekly classes with her anymore, but I still try to catch every opportunity I can to study with her. After every class, I come home with tons of inspiration and motivation! And despite her busy schedule, she always takes the time to answer any questions I may have. I consider her my coach, role model and friend.

So if you ever have the chance to study with her, don't hesitate! I'm sure you'll love her right away!
Luna Llena, Belgium

'Khalida is one of the most inspiring people I've met. Her performances never fail to amaze me. She has turned me speechless with introvert and emotional dances as well as with powerful dances, bursting with exciting energy. She is also an excellent teacher/coach. As a person, Khalida is sweet, very generous and funny to boot! If you get the chance to dance with her or just to hang out, don't hesitate, you won't be sorry :-) If that's not quite an option.... get her on DVD! :-) '
Queenie, Belgium

'Khalida is one of my all time favorite dancers. Whenever I see her perform, it only makes me want to work harder & get better myself! She's truely inspirational: elegant, beautiful, amazing technique, ... A fairy princess!'
Adiva, Belgium