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Workshop Topics

Interested in hosting a show/workshop with Khalida? Contact us for more information.

Technique topics

khalida bellydance workshop samia styleArms and Hands - Technique and combinations - Conditioning exercises, specific drills and stretches to improve arm carriage and upper body flexibility as well as excercises and flowing combinations for beautiful, expressive arms and hands. A must-do for dancers of all levels and one of the most popular topics!

Ballet for Bellydancers - Tips from ballet for improving footwork, traveling steps, arm lines and turns. Including beautiful balletic combinations!

Belly Dancers' Workout - An action-packed workshop filled with technique drills, layering combinations and conditioning excercises specifically designed for belly dancers of all levels. Prepare to sweat!

B is for Belly - Abdominals - Putting the B back in to bellydance! we will be focusing on abdominal movements, core work exercises, belly accents and 'flow', including techniques and combinations to incorporate bellywork into your dancing.

Double isolations - Bellybreak combinations, layered pops, locks and staccato movements as well as 'arm/bodywaves' and different drills for coordination.. Brain teasers guaranteed!!

Drum solo techniques - A favorite workshop topic for drum solo lovers! We will work on crisp accents and sustained shimmies, along with practicing fun combinations and drills to incorporate sharp and precise accents into your dance.

Shimmyland - Conditioning excercises and drills for shimmies, different shimmy techniques and types, easy-to-advanced level layering drills, fun shimmy-step combinations, and a long cooldown. One of Khalida's most asked-for workshop topics!

Slow and Smooth - Slinky figure eights, slow and juicy cirkles, smooth undulations and flowing combinations for upper and lower body.

Hips technique - Exercises, isolations and combinations for sharp and smooth hip work.

Hit that Accent! - Sharpness, precision, speed and definition for clear and visible hip work, abdominal accents and upper body isolations.

Pops, locks, shimmies and undulations - A fun and challenging technique-intensive workshop, combining different shimmy types with several isolation types and techqniques.

Transitions and traveling steps - All about 'the movements between the steps' and 'the steps between the movements'.. How do you get from A to B elegantly? How do you go from 'dancing moves' to 'dancing'? Tips, tricks, drills and flowy traveling combinations.

Traveling, turns and spins - Combinations and tips for incorporating different types of turns and spins into your dancing, as well as traveling combinations to work your space in style!

Upper body technique - Exercises, isolations and combinations for strong accents and fluid upper body movements.

Performance skill Topics

Dance with Attitude
- Focuses on stagecraft, how to move with flow and expression, plus tips on creating your own dances.

Makeup and styling - Makeup and styling tips for dancers, a step by step guide for fabulous stage makeup and hair! Including costume advice on request and how to adapt your look to different kinds of dances

khalida bellydance workshop double veil Performance tips and tricks - How to present your dance to your audience in the best possible way! Improvisation and choreography techniques, tips for audience participation, entrances and exits, and how to survive stage fright. Including an optional Q&A; session.

Polish and Presentation - One of the most popular topics for aspiring performers. Polish your performance, command your audience, learn to work with beautiful lines and angles and translate your dancing to the stage! Including an optional Q&A; session.

Making Dances - Khalida's personal tips and tricks on how to create a dance, including tips for musicality, how to adapt your dance for different venues, expression and 'flow'. Including an optional Q&A; session.

Style topics

Baladi basics - All about the 'baladi feeling', incorporating improvisational techniques as well as the background, 'grounding' and structure of beledy progressions. We will practice some typical 'beledy' movements as well as work on posture, musical interpretation and 'flow'.

Raqs sharki 1,2,3 workshop series - This workshop series takes you on a journey in time with the great dancers of then and now. It can be taught as one combined workshop or split up into 3 separate sessions of maximum 3 hours each.
Samia Style - A workshop focusing on the classic movements, sweet expression, beautiful lines and soft stylizations of the 40's and 50's. Dance like the movie stars!

Rhythms 101 - An introduction to middle-eastern rhythms - learn to recognize and incorporate different rhythm types into your dancing. From maqsoum to karsilama, all will be revealed! Can be combined with a zills instroduction as well.

Rhythm combinations - Fun combinations to specific rhythms for dancers like saidi, malfoof, samaii, masmoudi, chiftitelly, khaleegy etc..

Saidi Smackdown! - Raqs assaya - Cute and sassy combinations and techniques/steps for Saidi rhythm (with and without cane) plus cane dance techniques. Loaners available on request, but do bring your own cane if possible!

Chiftitelli combinations - Explore the beautiful chiftitelly rhythm, with specific combinations and improvisation techniques, including optional veil work

Masmoudi and Samai combinations - Dramatic and elegant, yet strong combinations, designed specifically for masmoudi and samaii.

Choreography Topics

Oriental choreography with optional veil intro - A gorgeous ready-for-stage magency choreography in Khalida's signature style, including a medium or short veil intro on request. Veil loaners available!

Samia style choreography with veil intro- A beautiful 50ies inspired choreography including a medium short veil intro. Veil loaners available on request!

Drum solo choreography - A fun and challenging drum solo choreography, incorporating different shimmy types, accents, layering and rhythm combos. Get ready to sweat!

workshop isis wings leuven Drum solo for duets - A fun and sassy drum solo choreography, designed specifically for duets

Veil choreography - An emotional and romantic veil dance, one of Khalida's absolute specialties. Veil loaners available on request!

Double veil choreography - Double veil dance choreography. Veil loaners available on request!

Isis wings choreography - For solos or duets. Incorporates different isis wings techniques and combinations into a beautiful, dramatic choreography.

Props Topics

Veil technique and combinations - Beautiful veil work, fun combinations, turning tips and techniques for both slow and fast veil work. Specialty: Silk rectangle veil and half circle chiffon. One of my absolute favorite teaching topics! Loaners available, choreography also possible.

bellydance class khalidaIsis wings techniques and combinations - Tips and technique for posture, poses, arm patterns, flourishes and turns with isis wings. Combinations for duets can be included as well. Loaner wings available on request!

Double veil - Spinning techniques, double veil combinations and tips for creating more dramatic effects when dancing with multiple veils. Double veil choreography or a combined workshop are also possible.

Zills 101 - All about the basic zill patterns, playing techniques and rhythms, but also tips, excercises and combinations specifically designed to help you DANCE - while zilling. Loaners available on request.

Zills and rhythms - Includes fun zill patterns, zill drills and different traveling combinations to specific rhytms. Loaners available on request. A must for belly dancers of all levels!

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