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Newest Videoclips
Khalida - Magency performance Mundo Oriental 2011 Khalida - Wings performance Mundo Oriental 2011 Group Jahanára at WBD in Ham, BE - May 2012

Instructional DVD Trailers
New instructional DVD - Isis Wings with Khalida! New instructional DVD - Shimmies with Khalida!

Videoclips of previous events
Khalida - Bellydance Festival Heerlen 2012 - Double Veil Khalida - Bellydance Festival Heerlen 2012 - El Fen International Bellydance Festival 2011  |  Khalida Khalida - Veil Dance 2008 Khalida - Tribute to Samia Gamal Khalida drum solo - RAKS 2010 Khalida performing with House of Tarab - part 1 MK Weekend Hafla - Solo Khalida Khalida performing in Athens - Finale with zills! Khalida bellydance - drum solo @ Orientalicious, Amsterdam HTML Videos by v1.11

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