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Workshops - Guest Teachers 2012 - Nephélé

Workshops with Nephélé in Würselen!

I am very happy and proud to be hosting the fabulous Nephélé from Belgium on Satuday, 06th of October 2012 in Würselen! She will be teaching 2 of her favorite workshop topics - Fan(tastic) veils and Performance CPR (Confidence, Professionalism and Radiance.) Not to be missed!

Saturday, 06th of October 2012

Studio Sarossy
Oppener Str. 44/1 (use 44 for GPS!)
52146 Würselen
DE - Germany

* 11:00-13:00 Fan(tastic) Veils - Technique and combinations - 29E
* 13:30-15:30 Performance CPR - Confidence, Professionality, Radiance - 29E Signup form - Enrollments now open!

Package deals
Price for 2 workshops: 49 Euro
Signup form - Enrollments now open!

Enrollments - Sign up!
Places are limited, so be sure to reserve your spot!
To enroll, simply go to our Enrollment page and select the workshop(s) of your choice.

Workshop Topics
11:00-13:00h: FANtastic VEILS ! Nephele's favorite prop. Let her introduce you to the magic of dancing with fan veils. Technique, tips & tricks for single and double fan veils. This workshop includes the Whole Shebang ;-), from the basics to combinations, and even info on how to take care of your fan veils. Signup form - Enrollments now open!

13:30-15:30h: Performance CPR (Confidence, Professionalism, Radiance) Breathe life into your performance! How to shine before, during and after your performance? How to overcome those pre-performance jitters? How to give that extra 'oomph' to your dance? How to network with other dancers? Nephele shares all her tricks with you to tackle those nerves, to connect with your audience and to communicate with your co-dancers. This workshop will help your performance make the leap from 'student' to 'professional'. Signup form - Enrollments now open!

Your are allowed to bring your own food and drinks to the venue. Please calculate about 10-15 minutes of time for finding a parking space, there is free parking available in the streets around the venue.

Hope to see you all there soon!

xxx Khalida

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